Intelligence Analyst - Open Source Intelligence Investigator

Job description

In the seedy, greedy world of online crime, there are tens of thousands of counterfeit products placed for sale on the internet at any given moment. Pointer Brand Protection has developed an advanced software solution that allows our legal analysts and investigators to easily detect and act against online IP infringements on behalf of brands who are looking to eliminate knock-off items.

Why work as an intelligence analyst at Pointer?

As an intelligence analyst and online investigator, you will be working in the investigations team to identify high-volume sellers. To achieve this, you will use innovative and strategic methods to analyze networks and identify connections. You will collect and organize useful evidence and report your findings to the client or to your team. Your eye for detail and your creativity are essential in determining the value of the information.

While Pointer’s Brand Protection team, consisting of professionals specialised in IP law, focus on wiping infringing domains, marketplace listings, and social media profiles off the face of the internet, the investigations team focuses their energy on bringing down the most significant players behind the infringements. By taking prominent sellers out of the equation, the investigations team plays an integral role in helping eliminate counterfeit networks for Pointer’s clients.

What will you do?

- Identify, investigate and analyze networks of infringers 

- Properly seize and safeguard the chain of evidence 

- Prepare clear and cohesive reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information 

- Use OSINT tools and other investigative software solutions 

- Conduct and manage test purchases on various online marketplaces 

- Set up and maintain relationships with third parties, including clients 

- Provide input on how we can improve our service and software 

- Detecting and analyzing IP infringements on marketplaces, social media platforms,  and web shops


What will your day in the office look like?

Whether it’s investigating a factory that is selling counterfeit footwear, infiltrating a supplier’s online stock portal, or coming up with new and inventive ways of identifying targets, life in Pointer’s investigations team offers a broad and rewarding opportunity. The team is small but growing fast, meaning that you will be at the heart of operations that disrupt and destroy counterfeit networks.

Pointer strongly believes in keeping all employees up to date with the latest happenings in the company. At our monthly Pizza Friday meetings, our COO gathers all Pointer employees together with everyone’s favourite Italian snack to let the whole company know what the different teams have been up to and where we’re going next! What’s more, we know that not everyone is a morning person, so we encourage flexible hours that suit your preferred working style. 


What do we ask of you?

For this job, we are looking for a digital superhero with the following skill set: 

- Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field

- Excellent written and verbal skills in English (required)

- Knowledge of Chinese is a big advantage

- Energetic and creative with an entrepreneurial spirit

- Fast learner with an efficient way of working

- Fantastic planning/organization skills, ability to handle multiple cases

- Tech savvy with a knowledge of tools and software services related to open source intelligence

- OSINT/SOCMINT experience

What’s in it for you?

- 25 vacation days to recharge your batteries

- Pension plan to support you at a later stage of your life

- You don’t live right next to the office? No problem! We’ll reimburse you for home to work commuting

- You get to work with a fun, diverse team from over 30 different nationalities

- Are you an early bird or do you prefer to take it easy in the morning? Good thing we offer flexible working hours

- Out-of-office activities to participate in (football team, bootcamp, etc.)

- A supply of snacks and drinks to power you throughout the day


What do you do next?

If being a Pointer Investigator sounds like it’s up your alley, go ahead and click apply to introduce yourself! We’d love to have a chat to get to know each other (either at our Pointer office or through Skype). We will be sure to keep you posted about the recruitment process every step of the way, which may also include an assessment. We very much look forward to hearing from you!

EU passport or orientation year visa, or highly skilled migrant visa following orientation year visa, is required, as we unfortunately do not sponsor visas for this position.